Welcome to Review 2014

Welcome to Review 2014


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“Crisis – Order – Europe” is the title of the final report from the year‑long project Review 2014 – A Fresh Look at German Foreign Policy.

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Arbeiter in einer chinesischen Fabrik.

Germany and the Challenge of Authoritarian...

About problems to be solved and managed and what problems...

by Michael Ignatieff


Review-Diskussion in Münster
18:00 - 19:15 Münster


Außenminister Steinmeier bei seiner Rede bei Carnegie Europe.

"Think European – Act European"

Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Review 2014 and European...

Germany's Role

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German foreign policy continuity is right, but needs an update!

German foreign policy on autopilot? Cockpit of an Airbus A330-300 at night.

The three leitmotifs of the German foreign policy continuity are, first, renouncing all forms of traditional power politics, second, espousing the guiding principle of multilateralism, supported by, third, close special relationships with the key powers of Germany's multilateral foreign policy. German foreign policy gets many things right – what it needs is to check its bearings.

by Hanns Maull

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German economic policy is clear about what foreign policy should not be!

The choice for Europe's foreign policy

by Jean-Marie Guéhenno

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Beyond defence of the status quo!

Military capacities and a strong anchorage in the EU

by Pawel Swieboda

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The UN Security Council in session on a draft resolution concerning the situation in Ukraine.

The world's most popular power – a knack for diplomacy?

Germany has a hard power problem!

by Jan Melissen


Abguss der Skulptur "Der Denker" des französischen Bildhauers Rodin vor dem angestrahlten Brandenburger Tor.

Thinking for Germany

On foreign policy failures, future focuses and blind spots

by Sylke Tempel


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The big European crisis can either make or break it!

A Protester in Cyprus burns the flag of Europe

How can Germany lead Europe out of the crisis? Many Europeans sincerely hope that Germany plays a decisive role as a respectful and cooperative crisis manager. The German Europe policy should take the initiative for differentiated integration when trust among Europeans remains in short supply and the prevailing attitude is one small step at a time.

by Loukas Tsoukalis

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Uproar in the European neighborhood. Protesters in Kiev carry a European flag.

Defend the peaceful European order!

In difficult times, say it straight

by Constanze Stelzenmüller


European flag

Overview: The debate on Europe in Review 2014

What the Review 2014 experts say about Europe.

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A stronger EU "made in Germany"?

A globalized Germany through a more integrated Europe

Cultivate a Westernized Germany!

by Zhou Hong

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Two miniature politicians shake hands standing on a globe

Engage more in strategic partnerships

Draw a clear line between "communities of interest" and real partners

by Shimon Stein

Germany's Partners

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Time for a more activist Middle East policy

Delegation of the GCC member states in Beijing

The relationship between the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) and Germany are positive. The ties are based on common principles of peace, security, and development. But what is Germany’s foreign policy strategy to defend these principles by all means?

by Abdulaziz Sager

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Distance no obstacle to Germany's influence in Latin America. "Signpost" in the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

Promoting democracy in Latin America

It depends on the political foundations!

by María Soledad Loaeza



Overview: Debate on Germany's partners

This is what the Review 2014 experts are saying

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Model figures of businessmen with stacked euro coins.

A foreign policy framework for the German economy

An unimpeded access to foreign markets is decisive

by Markus Kerber

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Get the Franco-German tandem in gear. Tandem bicyclists, 1903

Germany's partners need more attention

The Franco-German tandem has ground to a halt!

by Wolf Lepenies

Human Rights

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A German foreign policy for social justice

26t session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Social justice should be the commanding principle of German foreign policy. Germany as a rich country should set a good example and must finally ratify the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) on the minimum wage, protection against unfair dismissal, and maternity protection. In a nutshell: We ourselves must also fulfil the standards to which we hold others.

by Reiner Hoffmann

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Germany as a trailblazer of a global energy transformation? Photo of a solar thermal power station in Qinghai province, China.

How can global sustainability succeed?

A strategy for sustainable global development

by Dirk Messner


Verschiedenfarbige Handabdrücke

Menschenrechte (real)politisch denken!

Kommentar zur Review-Veranstaltung "Menschenrechte und Realpolitik – ein...

by Michael Krennerich


Barbara Lochbihler (MdEP), Alexander Jungkunz (Nürnberger Nachrichten), Patricia Flor (AA)

Es gibt kein Schwarz-Weiß – Review 2014 in Nürnberg

Diskussion mit UN-Abteilungsleiterin Patricia Flor

International System

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Germany should lead an intercultural dialogue!

A globe shows Southeast Asia.

There remain distinct differences between civilizations, and between Islam and the West. There have been constructive attempts by the West to overcome these civilizational differences by having inter-religious dialogues. The dialogue remains important, but Germany should shape a new discourse: not "us" and "them", but "all of us" towards a better world.

by Tobias Basuki

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Germany's seat at the table of the UN Security Council during the Council presidency in September 2012

Germany's Need for a Global Role, and how to Embrace it

Germany has to lead - in the EU and beyond

by Dmitri Trenin


Reformbedürftig: der UN-Sicherheitsrat während einer Sitzung zur Ukraine-Krise.

Foreign policy in democratic clubs

Elements of a non-authoritarian international strategy

by Lars Brozus

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Flags of the member states at the 17th African Union Summit

Peace through regional integration and multilateralism

From a "civilian power" to a great power

by Adekeye Adebajo


What the world expects from Germany

Conference at the Federal Foreign Office to launch the Review 2014 initiative

Crises and Conflicts

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Four conflicts demand more leadership from Germany

The Arctic soon to be a traffic hub? A sign in Norway indicates the beginning of the Arctic Circle.

What, if anything, should be done to get German foreign policy right? The short answer is "more of the same". However, when confronting new challenges – the deficiencies of the European security system, military activities in the Arctic, and, if need be, lifting sanctions as part of a nuclear deal with Iran – established practices may not be good enough.

by Sverre Lodgaard

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Germany's arms exports undermine its credibility

Arms export and arms control policies: two sides of the same coin

by Arnd Henze


Soldaten legen vor dem Landtag in Mainz ihr Gelöbnis ab.

The Debate: German Armed Forces Abroad

In the words of the Review experts...


Einfahrt zu einer Notfall-Klinik in Bossangoa, Zentralafrikanische Republik.

Deliberate responsibility for peacebuilding!

Versus a reflexive security logic

by Corinna Hauswedell

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Bundeswehr soldiers await to be flown out to Split, Croatia for the UN peace mission, 1995.

Enhanced German engagement in multilateral peace operations

Impulses for a proactive peace policy

by Almut Wieland-Karimi


Essay Contest

What should Germany's foreign policy in the future focus on? And which interests should it pursue?

Unfortunately, the essay contest is limited to German language contributions. If you want to submit an essay in German, you can find the call for contributions under "more".


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